Wednesday, October 1, 2008

How awesome am I? So awesome.

'Kay, so I'm stopping work on this first painting of Toba's village, it's taking far too long, and frankly I've learned a couple of things working on this in the early stages that I want to implement on something else. There were going to be at least two more layers of work on it to finish it up, but... eh.

I'm moving on to this drawing, which I much prefer, once again the pencils were done by Shof and the inks by yours truly (another Collaborative Coker Creation!):

Maybe this time I'll actually have a color palette decided upon before I decide to go whole hog on it! As usual I'll be documenting my progress step by step.

Oh yeah, and why am I so awesome? Simple, because I'm now an uncle, that's right, after nine months of hard work, and six (?) years of prep work gettin' those two together, I finally did it, ME!

Can't believe there's three of you. Little Lucy, I like that.
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