Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prologue level art is done!

And that's a wrap for the prologue level! Gameplay-wise it's very simple, it's just an introductory level aimed at getting the player used to movement and jumping. Still, it was an absolute blast to work on, learned lots of stuff to apply to the next level, which takes place inside that half submerged house on the end.

Shof, I swear I tried some yellow in moon, but then the background got too bright, which made focusing on the main character hard. Actually the hardest part of this whole thing was making the background look interesting but ensuring it doesn't distract you while you play.

I've included a few detail images:


Friday, January 16, 2009

Hey Shobo, what you been up to?

Apart from... work... stuff. This, which is about 60-70% done at the moment. It's the background/foreground for the prologue level in the videogame, you might remember the concept piece I did for it here. This piece was a lot more time consuming due to the resolution and scale it's shown here are 1/3rd actual res.

Oh yeah, ignore the guy dressed in Spider-Man underoos, he's just there for scale reference. I should warn before you click through it's a fairly large image, and even then I've had to compress it heavily to make it almost-web safe.


EDIT: Here's the latest update. Fewer trees, closer to completion.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year all!

I almost didn't put a post, but figured I might as well mark the occasion. I'm sketching, watching Season 4 of Angel, and wondering what to have for dinner. Also contemplating the bottle of half empty merlot I started on last night.

Love you all!

Jonah Lives!... (again)

I finished the script for Jupiter Jonah and the Treasure of Oduduwa almost a year ago but it's been languishing in production hell since then. I've taken the script out of mothballs, given it a dusting off and decided to plot the rough layout. Scenes have been shifted about and lines and dialogue have been altered, but I think it's all for the best.