Saturday, September 27, 2008

Painted into a corner.. whut now?

Okay, so I didn't exactly have a game plan when I started painting this, I've reached a point where I dunno where to go next. Obviously lots more woik to be done, guess I'll just keep paintin'!

I just want to get this one done so I can move onto painting something else, doesn't help that I don't think I like this drawing that much, the composition is a little boring and the inking ain't too hot either. I'll finish it this weekend.

Oh yeah, I was in a cab the other day when an all white kitty decided to try and cut us off, luckily the driver stopped in time and honked, the cat shot up about six feet in the air, stared at the cars "head" and hissed. I just thought it was funny that the cat looked where the cars head would be.

Here I am again!

By the way, if you happen to be a best friend of mine who happens to be pregnant at the moment and happened to miss the date I set down, it's okay, I'll let you off the hook this one time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Virtual Wanderlust

Ever sit in front of your PC and just think.. "Okay, what now?" I mean you've got this miracle of modern technology just staring you in the face, and you really ought to do something with it.

Well, every weekend for a couple of hours Scroggins and I meet up online to play some World of Warcraft, this weekend there was a "Brewfest" going on, Scroggins insisted we attend, so we did. It was pretty fun actually, which is weird because it's hard to imagine how a bunch of gamers getting together as elves and dwarves to down some digital beer could be entertaining in any way, shape or form. Unfortunately I was having such a good time I forgot to take any pictures, however I do have some images of Scroggins and I on the way over there.

Scroggins is the stout little dwarf leading the way. Incidentally his comic strip is picking up some steam, so check it out at Grumpy Grumpy).

I've also been exploring in Age of Conan, here's my avatar, Mostaffa:

He's a real hit with the ladies. Those who know me well know of my love for Conan, so it's great to be able to explore a digital interpretation of his world and see first hand all the places Howard described in the books. Here's Mostaffa fresh off the boat in Khemi:

Well, it's getting late here, I need to be at work in... four hours, and I still have to get a little sleep. First some dinner though. I caved and after being good for a little over a month, I'm having Mickey D deliver some fries, a burger and some ice cream. Don't judge me!

Update on Toba's village.

Here's an update, since Shof wouldn't leave me alone about it. I actually sort of want to move on to another painting, there's a second piece of concept art we did of the same village that I think is a more interesting drawing. But I think I'll exercise some restraint.

And my current desktop:

And for breakfast I had two yucky oatmeal raisin cookies and some chocolate milk.

Can't think of a title.

Shof sent me this the other day. It's a little piece of concept art we worked together about 3 or 4 years ago. Shof did the pencils and I inked it, was quite proud of it at the time, just the fact that we'd worked on something together was a good feeling. Anyway, Shof seems determined to get me to start drawing again, so I figgered I'd start painting this. It's slow going, but I'll be posting updates as I go.

Here's the black and white.

I'll admit I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing here, but I hope it turns out okay.

The handsome mug, cus it's been a while since I've posted it. Shobo gives you one thumb up!

FInally, what I had for dinner:

Thai chicken curry over rice and lettuce with carrots, and a few spring rolls. (a few meaning twelve)

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Went shopping yesturday, got a decent assortment of stuff, though what I was most excited about were a pair of sealed (overpriced) apples labeled "Japanese Apples". Curious, I bought them, having had one for breakfast I feel I've been ripped off, for Japanapples taste no different than Americapples, or for that matter Nigeriapples.

Played an hour or two of Warcraft with Scroggins yesterday as well, all the while munching on those rather yucky Mrs. Fields oatmeal raisin cookies.

My current desktop, featuring Sackboy! Bless 'im. And of course a video of Arsenal crushing Blackburn last weekend.