Monday, May 14, 2007

Off to a bang!

Well, it's time to start yet another project destined for failure methinks! I'm actively working on quite a few projects at the moment, one's a community forged videogame production project headed by former Shiny Entertainment President, Dave Perry. I'm a member of one of the community's many mushroom development groups known as Team Quietus (cryptic, I know). Our recent task was to come up with some track designs for the game (which is a racing game). I wasn't given as much notice as I'd like, but I was able to cobble some stuff together, and here it be:

Though it's pretty simple I'm happy with the way this one turned out. I haven't had much experience using a pen tablet (not as much as I'd like anyway) so i think it turned out decent.

This one I'm not so crazy about, I think I tried to get a little fancy too fast, and got a little carried away with the dodge and burn tools (which I don't think are great for painting anyway). Lesson learned I s'pose. I also had to rush the inks on this, shame one me!

I'm really not happy with the way this one turned out, it's just so... bleh. I did pencil, ink and paint it in just a few hours on a mad rush to beat the deadline though.

This one was definitely my favorite one to draw, but again, I didn't have the time to ink or color it like I'd have liked.

Ah yes, the straggler. The one I only finished inking minutes before the deadline. Incomplete inks, no background to speak of, and no colors... sigh.

More stuff to come soon!
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