Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Magic of Moonlighting

Moonlighting is an amazing show. A fast talking, pre-Die Hard Bruce Willis, a gorgeous post-Last Picture Show Cybill Shepherd, both engaging in private eye hijinks backed by awesome 80's music and a fist full o' cheese.

I loved the show as a kid, but I haven't really been able to watch reruns since then as pretty much no one seems interested in syndicating it (surprising since Bruce Willis was the male lead and the show was a hit at the time).

Anyway, I recently managed to pick up all five seasons on Amazon for under $50, and am quickly making my way through seasons 1 and 2, loving every minute of it.

What I hadn't realised back then was just how tight the writing on the show was, sure the cases don't really matter, but they're always interesting, and are almost always great ways to put Maddie and David in unexpected situations.

Willis' comic timing in particular is excellent, and I truly wish more directors would cast him in comedic roles, the Fifth Element was a great showcase, but see the criminally forgotten and underrated Hudson Hawk if you don't believe the man has an eye for comedy.

Now, on to dinner.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Visions of the Gods.

I'm not entirely sure when this became an "art only" blog, it was never intended as such, it's always been my intention to write about the things that interest me day in and day out, so I'm going back to that.

That said, this new post is in fact, art related.

A little while back I decided that if I wanted to finish a project I've been thinking about for the past 12 years, then I'd have to actually start working on it (shock, awe). As such I've recently started work again on a project that I've called, for a long time now, Visions of the Gods, a name which barely seems appropriate these days as the story and tone have changed quite a bit, but a name which I'll probably end up keeping just because I'm too lazy to think of anything else.

Visions of the Gods or "Visions" for short, started out as something of an African take on Lord of the Rings, of course, this was before I decided I wasn't smart enough to attempt that. Over the years Visions has changed multiple times as I tried to figure out what sort of representation African comics and Nigerian comics needed.

There was a lot of stopping and starting along the way, and I've finally come to the decision that instead of working on what I thought was needed, I should just work the way I wanted (what a novel idea!). The result is hopefully something that mixes pulp and whimsy in equal measure, my two favorite things you see, I'm also hoping to make it an ongoing web series, posting pages sporadically as I finish them.

I've got an old script from about 2 or 3 years ago that I'm using as a spine, but I'm kind of winging it, and I'm trying to enjoy the process and learn from it.

From this point on, I'm going to be posting as much as I can about the process of writing and drawing Visions, in an attempt to chronicle the difficulty of creating a comic for any other artists struggling with similar endeavours. I'll also be talking about the decisions I make with my art and writing, why I make them, and it'll hopefully also be a cool little visual log of how my art changes over the course of the project.

Here's a panel from the page I'm currently working on.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Today, Nigeria turns 50. Here's some Jupiter Jonah.

So here's something Shof and I whipped up in time to post on Nigeria's 50th anniversary of independence. As you can see, it features almost the entire main cast of Jupiter Jonah and the Eye of Oduduwa (lovingly rendered by my good brother). From left to right, there's the pirate trio of Denarii, Blass and Rashidi, and then the scourge of the seven systems, Captain Stein, Jonah himself, Prospero the gladiator, and Funlola, the renegade.

As a bonus, it's even tricked out in green, white and green! Be sure to check out Shof's blog, he's got another wallpaper he put together to commemorate today :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A mural for Greensprings

Greensprings, for those that don't know, is my old high school. I have fond memories of Greensprings, mostly involving games of frantic football in the classrooms... with Fashionable Fashionate's bunched up socks...

Anyway, a couple of weeks back, my dad was asked to do a mural for a brand new kids library in the schools currently-under-construction new wing, and I took a stab at designing it myself, here's what I came up with.

Section 1 -

Section 2 -

Section 3 -

The whole piece -

It was an interesting experience because I had to take into account things like windows, corners and furniture which will be present in the physical location. I'm not painting the mural on the wall myself, but I'll post pictures of the end product once everything's done.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The thing about blogs...

is that the longer you leave them alone, the less likely you're ever to return to them. Shocking, I know.

What you see here are a pair of renders based on a design I worked on for my dad. We're building a children's library in a new school here in Lagos, and we thought it would be cool if the library had a really impressive Vernesque centerpiece that the kids could go up into and read for a bit. Hey! How about a bathysphere coming to rest in a docking station at some underwater city?

Construction is gearing up on the room, the bathysphere itself is going to be made out of fiberglass and wood, and the four walls and ceiling of the room are going to be fully painted so that the kids can "see outside" and have a great view of giant squid, schools of fish, a coral reef, and a massive city in the distance. At least that's the plan.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jupiter Jonah Script 1 is done!

Not that it needed an announcement or anything, and there have been false dawns before, but this time, for real, the script is finally done.

Now we wait for Shof to have the time to start on some layouts, (not rushing you Shof).

In other news I've been working with Yegwa Ukpo at Spaceboy Nigeria on some other comic related projects. I don't know how much I can talk about or show right now, so I'll just point you in this direction, and this one.

Lastly, I'm thinking of picking up an old project from a couple of years ago that I put aside based on the mythology of Nigerian Orishas. I had done some preliminary work on the project with a friend, Bolaji Alausa a few years back, but it didn't really come to anything. I think now might be the right time to pick it up again and finish the project myself.

I think the script might need a polish though...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Two more Jonah wallpapers

I think these ones are nicer, I have my method down better and it shows (I hope). Once again, if you'd like to see some of 3D models I used in these, check out my brother's work on Jonah.

[Hi-Res Download Link]

[Hi-Res Download Link]

[Hi-Res Download Link]

Friday, March 5, 2010

Jonah-riffic Wallpaper!

He's a myth, he's a legend, he's nothing but a man!

Shof created the 3D model for this a while back, and I worked on the graphics for the poster but wasn't satisfied, after some tweaking though I'm finally happy enough to put this up. I've made it in three different sizes:

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Well... that's pretty cool!

Dad came home from work the other day and showed this to me. They are a pair of tile based mosaics put up by at a building on a jetty somewhere in Lagos. The mural on the right is based on a design he asked me to do last year.

There are (I think) two more murals to go up on the opposite side of the building. Obviously the building isn't quite done yet, but here are some better views of the murals:

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The last of my embroidery

Well I'm all done with this project, frankly, not a moment too soon as after 70 designs, I was starting to run out of ideas.

This latest post covers the last 30 or so of the designs I did for the mysterious client known only as... Embroidery99!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Happy New Year!

Considering how long it's been, you'd be forgiven for expecting some sort of art dump, unfortunately you'll get no such satisfaction.

What I have here are is a failed page from Jupiter Jonah. After working on this on and off for a while I decided it just wasn't coming together. The process was far too involved and laborious, and I went from being excited about it to quickly realising it was a major pain. I started over using a more traditional pen and ink approach on paper, then scanning that in and coloring and I think that's what I'm going to stick with.

Below you'll find the initial sketch of the failed page, and failed page itself. Stupid failed page.

The news of the day is that Jonah isn't really my main focus at the moment, as I'm working on something with another Nigerian creator, hopefully, sooner rather than later I'll be able to share, but in the mean time; 

Layout Page

Just not workin'.