Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Found a place to live

After much searching and walking around Makati with Cindy, the kind lady from HR, I think I've finally found a place to live. It's about a 15-20 minute walk to work, and is located near the Greenbelt malls and park, which is good. It's on the 16th floor of a building called Greenbelt Park Place and is a small, brand new, one bedroom unit. My only problem with the place is that it's got no balcony, and the view isn't as great as I'd have hoped. Oh yea, and there's construction going on next door, but then it seems there's construction going on everywhere in Makati.

The building is only 3 years old and there are lots of nice amenities, including a swimming pool, game room with a billiards table, two new saunas, a well equipped gym, some restaurants on the bottom floor of the building, and cable tv and telephone service. But enough talk, on to the pictures!

The front entrance, lobby and pool respectively. The pool also has three hokey looking dolphin sculptures on the other side.

Well that's that. The accounting department at QJ I believe is taking care of things so I should probably be moved in by tomorrow or the next day. I still have one more place to look at but I doubt my mind will be changed.
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