Monday, September 22, 2008

Virtual Wanderlust

Ever sit in front of your PC and just think.. "Okay, what now?" I mean you've got this miracle of modern technology just staring you in the face, and you really ought to do something with it.

Well, every weekend for a couple of hours Scroggins and I meet up online to play some World of Warcraft, this weekend there was a "Brewfest" going on, Scroggins insisted we attend, so we did. It was pretty fun actually, which is weird because it's hard to imagine how a bunch of gamers getting together as elves and dwarves to down some digital beer could be entertaining in any way, shape or form. Unfortunately I was having such a good time I forgot to take any pictures, however I do have some images of Scroggins and I on the way over there.

Scroggins is the stout little dwarf leading the way. Incidentally his comic strip is picking up some steam, so check it out at Grumpy Grumpy).

I've also been exploring in Age of Conan, here's my avatar, Mostaffa:

He's a real hit with the ladies. Those who know me well know of my love for Conan, so it's great to be able to explore a digital interpretation of his world and see first hand all the places Howard described in the books. Here's Mostaffa fresh off the boat in Khemi:

Well, it's getting late here, I need to be at work in... four hours, and I still have to get a little sleep. First some dinner though. I caved and after being good for a little over a month, I'm having Mickey D deliver some fries, a burger and some ice cream. Don't judge me!
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