Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A trip to the mall!

Sunday I decided to go out and walk around for a bit, so I took a cab to one of the nearest malls, Greenbelt. Some of the pictures are sorta blurry, I apologise.

This was at a Japanese restaurant called Haiku, I'd already had some sushi but forgot to take pictures of that. Needless to say the meal was pretty tasty. I'm no good with chopsticks but they're so much fun, I managed to finish the whole bowl of rice using them.

This was dessert, a traditional Filipino concoction known as halo halo. It's got layers of milk, sweet beans, toasted grains, shaved ice, ground sweet rice, fruit preserves, coconut and it's topped with a flavored ice cream called ube, made from a local yam. Actually I understand the recipe varies from place to place so that's exciting.

There's a small but beautiful koi pond near what was once a bird sanctuary in the mall. The bird sanctuary has since been moved, but the mall was built around it and the trees are still there.

See how pretty? It's even more beautiful at night time, unfortunately there's a lot of security all over the place that kinda ruins the mood. To balance out all the beauty, here's a minute of uglification and stoopendipity. I filmed this about 4 hours after arriving and hadn't even had a wink of sleep!

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