Thursday, March 20, 2008

Image Burple: Pics from the journey so far.

After a marathon flight I'm finally in the PI, have been for almost a week now actually. It's taken me this time to get used to the time difference, shrug off jet lag and get myself somewhat situated. Still looking for a condo though. Here are some pictures I took during the course of the trip, starting of course with my departure from Lagos.

These were taken on the road to the airport.

That's Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

These next few were taken at the Dubai International Airport, I had an eight over layover... not pleasant.

I was soooooo glad to finally get to my hotel room in Makati. It was on the 22nd floor and I''ve got vertigo, but I still brave the balcony. I've got a two week reservation but expect to be out of here shortly... I hope.

Sleepy, tired and bleary eyed, and yet ever so lovable.

Filipino Monies, or as they're called here, Piso's.

This shot and the next few ones are of the view from the balcony.

That's the Makati Sports Center, where people play ping pong on very big tables on the ground with large paddles.

This isn't a view from the balcony, it's Salcedo Tower, the QJ offices are located within on the 8th floor.

The entrance to our current digs!

This is where the writers ply their trade. Just look at those woidsmith's go!

My office! Which is still barren.

Oh yeah! Possibly the best meal I've had so far. It was from a delivery place called Thai in a Box. This was the appetizer, chicken parts (thighs?) wrapped in some sort of leaf.

You don't eat the chicken with the leaf wrapped around it...

The main course, no idea what it was called, but it was so, so gooooooood!

Well, that's it for PI pics for now, will take some more and post 'em soon!
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