Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The NDLEA's Got It Out For Me!

Not Really. The NDLEA is the Nigerian Drug Law Enforcement Agency, I have to get a report from them, and the police department, and a doctors note to get a Filipino visa, just a lot of bother really. The Embassy of the Philippines is located in Abuja, so I'll have travel up there for a couple of days this month to pick the visa up. Hopefully I should have some lovely pics of the PI up on the blog in the next month or so.

In other news Orishas is officially on hold. My move to the PI will make it rather difficult to coordinate with Bolaji, as a result I'll probably end up doing the artwork on that myself. Jonah's still a go at the moment though, as I said in my last post I recently finished the script for Volume One, Jupiter Jonah and the Eye of Oduduwa. I've sent it over to Shane to have a look at and we should be starting art production on it sometime soon (pretty excited).

In other news, the fast food joint near where I live has started offering pizza, it's really, really fresh and pretty darn good.
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