Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Best Time Ever To Be a Conan Fan

I can't claim to be a long time fan, but my dad collected the old Marvel issues that were drawn by John Buscema (he never got the ones by Barry Windsor-Smith) when I was a kid. I hated and the Ahnolt movies though (The Beastmaster's where it's at for 80's sword and sorcery flicks). More recently though, I've begun reading Howard's original Conan stories and find myself unable to stop.

It seems now more than ever great Conan related media is crawling out of the wood-work, awesome work by Cary Nord, Kurt Busiek, Mike Mignola etc on the ongoing Dark Horse regular run, and gorgeous looking mini-series' like The Jewels of Gwahlur adapted by P. Craig Russel (seriously, I'm in love with this page). Of course there's also a really awesome looking game in development called Age of Conan, set across Aquilonia, Stygia and Cimmeria. It's a massively multiplayer online game that looks to stay true to the Hyborean age.

However, the jury's still out on Conan: Red Nails, an animated movie featuring some A-list voice actors, but with a questionable look. I almost feel as though they ought to forgo inks and extensive clean-up animation for the production, leave the lines rough and alive. I have to admit though, I'm not so sure how I feel about Ron Perlman as both the voice of Hellboy and Conan.

Like I said, great time to be a Conan fan.

Oh yeah, and page three of Robot's Story ain't done yet.
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